OCN x Airbnb

We spent one of our Saturday mornings this August with a great group of folks at Airbnb Singapore. We put together a hospitality workshop for some of the hosts in their community, where we introduced them to specialty coffee, some home brewing methods, and even asked them to design their own “coffee corners”.


We started with a presentation by Silvester, where he walked them through coffee starting as a fruit harvested and processed at origin, before it can be shipped to the roasters who play their own part in the development chain, and even before it can get to the hands of baristas or reach their own homes.

Since this was a hospitality workshop for the hosts, Silvester spent some time to talk about how they could potentially enhance their guests’ experiences by setting up their own coffee corners in their Airbnb listings. He even showed him the coffee station from his own Airbnb.


Aside from giving them an overview on specialty coffee and helping them plan their coffee corners, he also described various home brewing methods and shared some basic recipes for them to follow. Right after showing them the different tools, we moved to the hands-on session. We put together different stations with a demo of each brewing method. We then gave them time to try brewing for themselves after. We had a French Press, several pour-over brewers (V60, Kalita Wave, Melitta drip), a Minipresso, plus our trusty Nomad espresso machine.

This was my favorite part. Most of the hosts were using these tools for the first time but they were handling them with the confidence and enthusiasm of well-trained baristas!


To end the session, we had a quick game of “Design your own coffee corner”. Each group was given two minutes to grab whatever they wanted from a table of coffee making and decorative equipment. Check out the competitive hosts in action below!

Here we are closing the workshop with their masterpieces. It was a tiring morning, but super rewarding to say the least. Definitely looking forward to doing more of these when we can!


Got a collaboration in mind? Let us know through connect@origincoffeenetwork.com.