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For the very first time in Asia

You’ve never heard of Machado before. This small town in Minas Gerais, Brazil, has been producing beautiful coffee for generations. It took a new wave of forward-thinking coffee lovers to bring it to the world. For more than a hundred years, Machado’s beautiful coffee was sold into Brazil’s large internal coffee market, it lost it’s unique designation, and never got the recognition it deserved.

Just three years ago, this began to change. An intrepid trio of passionate Machado coffee lovers, (Demilson, Athos, and Érico, of Legender Coffee), who had grown up walking the hills of these farms, decided to buck the system and find a way to show Machado coffee to the wider world.

OCN traveled to Machado after the most recent harvest, and worked with Legender to bring this coffee to Southeast Asia for the very first time.

The Rocket Man features lovely, full body that’s creamy and pleasing in the mouthfeel. Primary flavor notes are dried fruit and chocolate, with some nutty undertones. Acidity is mild and muted, with soft fruity notes. Works wonderfully as a more approachable single-origin, or as a solid and dynamic blend component. OCN also recommends it as a single-origin espresso that can be a crowd-pleaser, both for the masses and for your more discriminating customers.

Facts about this coffee below.

Natural Environment — Well preserved at Sitio Mamonal

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Facts about this coffee

Each batch of Rocket Man coffee is composed of a slightly different combination of producers, all following a basic cup profile worked out by OCN and our in-country partners in Brazil. Which coffee is included depends on timing of the harvest, coffee availability, and cup profile. Individual farm lots are united to balance out and create the true Machado profile.

The Machado area and the nearby town of Poço Fundo, grow primarily Caturra and Mondo Novo varieties. The Rocket Man lot is made up entirely of red caturra and yellow caturra.

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machado map 3Processing is 100% natural dry process. Coffee is patio dried over the course of several days, then finished in mechanical driers. The exact mechanism of the dryer varies from one hillside to the next, but below are two examples. Exact time for drying also varies, but typically about 36 hours in the mechanical dryers to finish the process.

Coffee is brought to about 12% moisture in this method, and then stored on-site at the farm, lying in bulk in cool sheds, still in dried cherry form. When producers are ready to sell their coffee, it is transported in dry cherry form to the hulling station in Machado, where it is hulled, sorted, and bagged for export.

The Rocket Man shipped out of port in Santos, Brazil, and is warehoused in OCN’s climate controlled facility in Singapore, and is available for export anywhere in the region.

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Why “Rocket Man”?

It’s an inside joke.

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