About Us

OCN brings together producers and developers to make great coffee happen.

Producers are coffee farmers around the world, whose unique flavor profiles are a reflection of each particular place, time, and person.

Developers are roasters, coffee shop owners, and baristas who develop the flavor of each individual coffee.

What we do

We create coffee selections. We hunt for excellent green coffees from unique coffee farms, and sell it in lots large or small. Each coffee has a distinct flavor profile, and is sourced personally by our team.

We find coffees for you through our green concierge service.

We help developers do it better through shared learning activities, training and business consulting.

Team OCN  is:


Daniel M Humphries

Daniel Millard Humphries

Director of Origin


Daniel has worked up and down the coffee chain, with a particular focus on coffee education at origin. He has worked as a consultant with Boot Coffee, USAID and the Coffee Quality Institute. Along with his experience working in more than a dozen countries of origin, he brings expertise in cupping and flavor evaluation. He is responsible for all things Origin related, the head instructor and writer at OCN.

Some of Daniel’s career highlights:

  • Working in many coffee producing countries, like Guatemala, Nicaragua, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Brazil, and the Philippines, but with a deeper focus specifically with producers in El Salvador, Panama, and Ethiopia.
  • Managing and teaching with such coffee companies as Intelligentsia, Café Grumpy, and Victrola Coffee.
  • Teaching sensory evaluation for professionals up and down the coffee chain, from rural Ethiopian farmers, to huge companies in Europe and the United States.
  • Working as a specialty roasting consultant and master class roasting instructor .

Daniel in his own words:

I was born and raised in the epicenter of American coffee culture, Seattle, Washington. Since then I have lived and worked coffee on four continents, from the farm to the roastery to the bottom of the cappuccino cup.

The coffee chain is extraordinarily long, from the cherry to the café. I specialize in understanding all sides of the business, and helping people broaden their understanding of coffee. Huge opportunities for increasing quality and the bottom line are often sitting right out in plain view, if only you know where to look.


Silvester Dan S Samonte

Silvester Dan Sibal Samonte

Director of Developers


Silvester or Dan, is a coffee practitioner who is a pioneer in the Philippine Specialty Coffee scene having been instrumental in putting up various specialty coffee business. He’s worked across the coffee chain on various projects from  farms, to roasting, brewing of coffees and retail. He is in charge of the Developers side of OCN as well as overall strategy, design and sales.

Some of Silvester’s career highlights:

  • Licensed Q grader (coffee quality grader), coffee workshop facilitator, consultant and coffee developer in brewing and roasting’
  • A co-founder / founder at Craft Coffee Workshop, The Curator Coffee and Cocktails, El Union Coffee and EDSA Beverage Design Studio.
  • Regional Consumer Market Insight Manager at Unilever Singapore and Account manager at Millward Brown Singapore


Screen Shot 2015-06-21 at 10.52.03 AM

Danielle Canlas Torres

Managing Director


Dani is a strategic business consultant for large enterprises, aiding companies in their digital transformation. She oversees operations and corporate development at OCN.

Some of Danielle’s career highlights:

  • Corporate Development, AGSX
  • Sales Engineer, Exist Global
  • Technology Consultant, Hewlett Packard
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