Brazil the Indispensable

Candy in a Cup When I first started learning about coffee origins, and competing in barista competitions in the Pacific Northwest of the United States, I chose Brazilian coffee for my blend. I wanted to include every coffee under the sun, because I found them all so endlessly interesting, but […]

Geisha Cherry Morphology

Geisha coffee trees have a distinct morphology. The trees tend to be more wide and rounded, with branches that splay out from the main trunk in a bending “v” shape, as opposed to varieties that have perpendicular branches, or a more “wild” and haphazard growth pattern (such as some strains […]

Origin Profile: Finca Hartmann

By Daniel M Humphries In the highlands of Western Panama, along a furiously curving road that takes you through the mountains to the Costa Rican border, there is a small village called Santa Clara. And within Santa Clara, up a dirt-road turn off surrounded by high, arcing trees, there is […]