Your personal coffee buying
agent at origin.

High quality. Unique. Custom designed.

How It Works

Take advantage of our green coffee concierge service. With OCN Concierge, you have your very own buying agent on the ground at origin, finding specific, unique micro-lots just for you.

Enrollment in the OCN Concierge service is free. You specify what kind of coffee you are looking for, what price range suits you, and anything else you consider important.

Our origin team, led by Director of Origin, Daniel Humphries — with over 12 years experience in specialty coffee in the United States, Latin America, Europe, Africa, and Asia — will contact you to review your request.

Then sit back and allow OCN to do the work for you — we go directly to the farms and mills for cupping and interviews with producers, collecting farm information, and documenting our findings for you.

We then review the samples that best fit the profile you desire and send you samples for tasting.

When you find the coffee you like, OCN will have it shipped right to your business with full documentation of the farm, the lot, and the cupping notes — including video of the people, the farm and GPS coordinates.

Furthermore, this direct model means you pay less per kilo, even as we provide a better price to the farmer. Everyone wins, and you get excellent, unique coffee for your customers.

Panama/Costa Rica 2016

Our team has been traveling to Central American coffee zones for 8 years and has leads on special, unique farms with amazing specialty coffees.

We consider Panama and Costa Rica to be the cream of the crop when it comes to Central America, and we are excited to be headed to the region again in March 2016.

Before we leave to investigate this year’s crop, you have an opportunity to make your desires known and reserve the right to purchase unique lots directly from these farms.

This year, we are focusing on unique, high-grown natural process and honey process coffee in micro-lot and nano-lot sizes. If you wish us to find something unique for you and your business, contact us by March 15.

The harvest is well underway in Panama and Costa Rica, and OCN Director of Origin, Daniel Millard Humphries, is in daily contact with the growers there, discussing their processing and their cupping results. If you wish to be a part of this process and get direct contact with smallholder farmers, now is your chance.

Examples of coffees we expect to encounter:

FINCA ZISKA — Fruit Bomb 2 and Son of Fruit Bomb. The most fruit-forward, crowd-pleasing coffee we found in 2015 came from William Hartmann’s Finca Ziska. This year, at the request of OCN, they have produced extra “Fruit Bomb” lots in the same style. Each lot is unique and has a different, interesting variation on the amazing Ziska Fruit Bomb style.

BAMBITO ESTATE — Lot Separation experiment Year 3. Bambito Estate is a tiny farm with a fresh water springs running alongside. Coffee trees of different varietals were traditionally interplanted, but Don Fito Amar, the 70-year-old retired scholar who runs the farm, has been painstakingly separating the lots more and more each year. 2016 will produce Bambito Bourbon (buttery chocolate), Bambito Typica (deep african flavor), and Bambito Caturra (chocolate and citrus) … but only in tiny amounts! A great chance to get coffees that literally no one else in the world can get.

FINCA HARTMANNExperiment 36, new iterations. This coffee was experimental last year: coffee is left to dry in the sun with the cherry intact for 36 hours, then it is depulped and finished for the next several days like a honey-processed coffee. The Hartmanns also tried 24- and 48-hour iterations of this unique process. Based on the input of OCN clients, they will create more experiments based off of Experiment 36… who knows what we will encounter on the cupping table this year?

These are just examples… the final coffees that we select are up to you.

Put our network to use and let us find that coffee for you.