OCN Sensory Kits

Each Sensory Kit is designed around a particular theme, with coffees that will help you build mastery of a certain aspect of specialty coffee. Our access to so many different, unique, and high­ quality coffees allows us to curate packages that offer a range of flavors, arranged in an educational and fun way.

OCN’s “Five Ps” Sensory Kit

Everyone knows that washed coffees and natural coffees have distinct flavor profiles. But how often do you get to truly isolate the processing itself during your cuppings? Differences in varietal, the age of the coffee, or the country or region mean that we are often comparing apples and oranges.

All five coffees were harvested during the same harvest, from locations within just a few kilometers of each other, in the same climate, and on farms that grow the same varietals. All five coffees are high-grown Panama caturra-catuaís. The difference is in the processing. When you taste the coffees, you will be able to distinguish the remarkable difference that processing makes: an absolutely key piece of sensory knowledge for any serious coffee professional.

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Kit Contents:

  • 5 coffee samples of Caturra-Catuaís each with a different processing style
  • 2 instruction card
  • 5 coffee label flip cards
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Coffees included in this kit:

  • Army Knife: A fully washed coffee in the traditional style, with clean, bright, balanced flavor
  • Honey 27: A “new school” honey-process coffee, with great clarity and honey sweetness
  • Experiment 36: An experimental coffee, made by combining the natural and honey processes, leading to a unique and complex flavor
  • The Sixteen: A sun-dried natural coffee with full body and great, mellow sweetness
  • Fruit Bomb: Another sun-dried natural, this time with very aggressive fruit-forward flavors

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